Illustrative Examples of Units of Practice

The following illustrative examples of units of practice were developed by Nova Scotia teachers during a Nova Scotia Learning Interchange Design Studio. For three days, teachers met and created instructional units of practice which integrate information and communications technologies. Students engaged in the learning experiences of the units accomplish Nova Scotia public school  program curriculum learning outcomes. The illustrative examples reflect our Nova Scotia geography and culture, our experiences and creativity.

The teachers who developed the units of practice retain the copyright to their work. It is published on the Nova Scotia Learning Interchange with their permission. It is their desire to share their work with you. We hope that you will find the units of practice an excellent support as you also work to integrate information and communications technologies within the curriculum program.

We thank the NS Department of Education, Nova Scotia Teachers Union and Mount Saint Vincent University for providing the Design Studio Leadership. We thank the Information Economy Initiative for the funding which allowed teachers time to create and communicate their Illustrative Examples of Units of Practice in support of the professional development and growth of their peers.


                   Units of Practice

Title Subject(s) Grade Level(s)
Promoting Good Self-Esteem Social Studies P-3, 4-6
The Oak Island Money Pit: Building a Model Mathematics, Science 4-6, 7-8
Self-Portrait: One Little Space In My Life That's Ok Art, Music 10-12
Understanding Geologic Time Science 7-9
Deltalyzers - An intuitive approach to finite differences Mathematics 10-12
Is Wildlife Management Necessary? Social Studies, Language Arts, Science 7-9
My Family Recipe Book Social Studies, Career Ed., Language Arts 4-6, 7-9
Early Explorers Meet the Press Languages, Language Arts, Social Studies 7-9
Camera Techniques Technology Education 10-12
Is a Shark a Whale or a Fish or Neither? Science 4-6
Mad Hatters and Loons:
A Study of Chemical Elements in our Environment
Science 10-12
Unionization of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia Coal Miners Social Studies 7-9
Fitness Testing Physical Education, Health 7-9, 10-12
Our Home and Native Land Social Studies 4-6, 7-9
Virtual Art Gallery Art, Music 4-6
Literature Link Up Language Arts - Literature 4-6
Take Me Out to the Ballgame Mathematics, Science 7-9
 Virtually In Business  Social Studies, Career Ed.  10-12
 'U' is for Ukulele - a classroom ukulele method for young children  Music 4-6
 In the Earliest Times, Exploring Oral Traditions of the Mi'kmaq through Drama Social Studies, Language Arts  4-6, 7-9
Visual Exploration of a Natural Environment Language Arts - Viewing & Representing 7-9, 10-12
Tight Squeeze Science 7-9
Alternative Media Social Studies, Language Arts 10-12
Are Hollywood Academy Award Winners Getting Older? Science, Social Studies 7-9
Map It: Marine Animal Migrations Science, Mathematics, Social Studies 4-6, 7-9